5 Things to Do if You’re Facing Redundancy

facing redundancy
Posted 1 year ago

Redundancy is a difficult situation to be in.

In some cases, you might have been at that company for many years – so having an unexpected job search is a challenge!

If you find yourself facing redundancy, here are some simple steps you can take:

1. Spruce up your CV

– make sure it’s up-to-date and get it onto the relevant job boards. This means you’re ready to go as soon as you start your job search. Make sure your CV is formatted correctly too and is clean and simple to read.

2. Get references

– speak to your current employer about getting written references you can take to job interviews/forward to job applications made. You can also ask for recommendations on LinkedIn.

3. Update your LinkedIn profile

having an updated LinkedIn profile will give you better visibility when you’re looking for your next role.

4. Speak with a recruiter

get on their radar, but be selective. Make sure they are a specialist in your industry, as you want to make sure you’re being put forward for roles you’re genuinely interested in.

5. Get time off for interviews

– in these situations, managers are flexible, and will often allow you time off for interviews, even at short notice. If you negotiate this with your current manager before you start your job search, then you give yourself the best chance.

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