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CV Writing Top Tips! (2)
Posted 2 years ago

​When you are searching for that next career move, your CV is the door opener.

It is your first impression for any prospective employer or recruiter. With this busy job market, and the time pressures many are facing to hire, you need to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd.

So here are our tips for writing a top-notch CV:

⭐ Keep it simple– use plain fonts and layouts, and no photographs. A good CV follows this format:

  • Name, Address & Contact details – at the top.
  • Summarising paragraph – who you are, something to draw the reader in without showing off.
  • Key Skills / Projects – depending on level, you may include just one or both sections.
  • Work History – from most recent. You can add “more available on request” at the bottom if you’re running short on space.
  • Qualifications – keep it relevant. If you’re applying for a Head of IT role, they won’t care about the expired lifeguarding certificate you got back in college…
  • Interests – some find this section a bit cheesy, but this allows you to add some personality and make you more relatable too.
  • References – if you can’t include current references, just put “References available upon request”.

Keep it concise – don’t ramble, just add the key points/projects for each job so the reader remains engaged. Ideally, keep it to two sides of A4, but don’t worry if it does go over a bit – as long as it stays relevant.

Tailor your CV – do this for each role you apply for but be honest! Answer the job specification within your CV, highlighting key projects or experience that they’re looking for. Keeping it truthful is key, as it will only come back on you in the interview or worse, once you start!

Include relevant keywords – this might be technologies you use or industry-specific language. You have a better chance of being picked up on initial searches if you include these.

Use positive language – when you write your CV, ensure you remain positive about your achievements. Do not be overly modest, but instead speak highly of what you have excelled at in your career.

Get it checked – don’t be the only one to proofread it! You’ll most likely miss the typos/spelling errors. Always get someone else to sense check it.

Having a brilliant CV will give you a head start in your job search. Your CV has the biggest impact in this busy job market, and a decent CV will give you access to the most opportunities.

Remember, any decent recruiter will be happy to review your CV for you and give you tips on how to improve. And this won’t be at an additional charge.

At Mexa Solutions, we take a consultative approach – both to the clients we work with and the individuals. If we think your CV doesn’t reflect how great you are for the role, we will tell you – and we will help you identify what you can do to improve it.

If you want to know how your CV is looking, and what opportunities there are, give us a call on 02036420454.

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