5 Things to Include on Your Linkedin Profile

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Posted 2 years ago

​With social media being at the forefront of the modern age, LinkedIn is a key platform for anyone in business.

Having a decent LinkedIn profile is a must if you’re looking for a new job, or if you want to expand your business network.

So setting up your profile correctly is vital to getting the most out of this platform.

Here are our top 5 things to include on your profile:

1. Profile picture – keep it semi-professional. You don’t need to have a corporate, “suited-and-booted” image, but one that’s more friendly and approachable. One thing we’d advise not to use is that “night-out” selfie!

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2. Decent tagline – you want to make sure this stands out. By default, LinkedIn creates your tagline as your current job title, but you can tailor this however you like. Feel free to be a bit creative, and include things like your key skills, your differentiator, or what you’re looking for (if on the job hunt) to make yours noticeable.

Remember, this tagline, along with your profile picture, is what people see when you interact with content on LinkedIn.

3. About me section – don’t make the mistake of leaving this blank, or just filling it with the standard corporate spiel. Use this space to write about who you are and what you can provide others on this platform. This can really help you get noticed, and a way for you to sell your skills. Again, feel free to have more creativity on this, and make it personal to you. Don’t be overly professional – use your own style to communicate.

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4. Current job description – fill out what it is you do on a daily basis and your key achievements. Keep it short and to the point – but make sure it’s relevant. It’s also really useful to have this information filled out and to hand when rewriting your CV.