Committed to building a better future through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Mexa Solutions takes our CSR seriously.

We work hard to limit our impact on the environment and to give our staff paid time to give back to the community.

Our IT Recruitment Consultants planting trees for one of our Corporate Volunteer days - a Mexa perk where they can take a working day (paid) to volunteer in the community.


Our pledge:

“For every successful placement we make, we will plant trees”

To meet this, we’ve partnered with the environmental organisation Ecologi, through which we fund tree-planting projects. We recognise how important it is to be climate positive; to help protect our planet for future generations.

​Take a look at our Ecologi page to see the impact we’ve made so far.


We plant trees with Ecologi

Volunteer Days

At Mexa Solutions, we feel it is vital to give back to our community.

We give each of our staff volunteer days, that they can take (at full pay) to participate in, such as beach cleans, tree planting and other community-led projects.

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Our Software Recruitment Consultant taking part in a volunteer day - one of the Mexa perks. We give back to the community and fund people to take a day to volunteer.
Our IT Recruitment Consultants taking part in a Food Bank Run with donations to a local Charity Bank, Acts Of Kindness.

Charity Work

At Mexa, we’re proud to support a variety of local charities that make a positive impact on our community. We’re committed to providing assistance to these incredible charities through donations of time, goods/food, and fundraising efforts.

Throughout the year, we take part in a range of awareness days to learn more about the valuable work that these charities do. This allows us to better support them, both as individuals and as a business, and make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

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