Interview Tips and Tricks: How to Prepare for All Formats

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Over the past decade, interviews have evolved from traditional face-to-face meetings to virtual video calls.

To have success in your job search, you need to prepare for all types. And each interview format has its challenges, whether it’s a phone interview, video call, or panel discussion.

Here are some strategies to excel in each type of interview.

Phone Interviews:

Phone interviews tend to be used as an initial screening stage. Employers will evaluate candidates before inviting them for in-person or video meetings. For phone interviews, make sure you are in a quiet environment with minimal distractions. Having a reliable phone signal is also important, so choose a location with good connectivity. Since body language cannot be relied upon in a telephone interview, it is important to convey enthusiasm and positivity through your voice.

Video Interviews:

In the era of remote work, video interviews have become a common practice. In some cases, even replacing in-person interviews completely. Before the interview, it is important to test your internet connection and make sure your device’s camera and microphone are working properly. Dress professionally, just as you would for an in-person meeting, and maintain eye contact by looking directly into the camera. Remember to give the interviewer enough time to speak and avoid interrupting. Additionally, it is best to have a neutral background to minimise distractions.

Face-to-Face/Panel Interviews:

Face-to-face interviews, especially those with panel discussions, need careful preparation. Similar to a telephone interview, it is important to dress professionally as first impressions are crucial. You must also be respectful and courteous to everyone you meet, including reception staff, as their feedback may influence the hiring decision. Researching the interviewers beforehand on platforms like LinkedIn can provide valuable insights into their backgrounds and interests. It is also recommended to bring copies of your CV to refer to and provide to interviewers, if needed.

Essential Pre-Interview Tips

Regardless of the interview format, certain preparations are a must:

  • Research the company thoroughly – familiarise yourself with its mission, values and recent achievements.

  • Review the job description – analyse this along with any job adverts so you know the exact skills and qualifications they are looking for (and how you are a good match for the role).

  • Prepare interview question responses – look at commonly asked questions (including competency-based) and craft answers that showcase relevant experience and accomplishments. For this, don’t forget the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method of interviewing – use this to structure the examples you give in competency questions.

  • Questions to ask – just as important, is coming prepared with questions to ask the interviewer. This shows your interest in the role and the company culture.

  • Your CV – always have a printed copy of your CV on hand, as interviewers may refer to it during the discussion.

  • Follow-up – don’t forget to follow up with the company after your interview. If you were represented by a recruiter, they can pass on an email or verbal feedback. It shows you’re keen on the role and gives you the chance to mention anything you didn’t have time to cover.

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