Top Tips: 7 Ways To Guarantee Success In Your Face-to-face Interview

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Posted 2 years ago

​So, you’ve reached what many would say is the “final hurdle” in your search for a new job – the face-to-face interview!

For some, this may still be in a video format (look at our last blog for more tips on that) but for many, this has moved away from virtual following the easing of Covid restrictions.

Remember, the company has chosen to see you out of all the CVs they’ve reviewed, and the people they’ve spoken to. So have the confidence and self-belief that you can do the job!

Here are our top tips for acing that face-to-face interview:

  1. Prepare! Read your CV, and the job spec, and check out the company website. Bring a copy of your CV with you to the interview too. Ensure you know your capabilities, the role, and can answer the often-tricky question – “What do you know about our company?”.
  2. Filter! Ensure your social media shows you in a good light – remember, everyone can be “googled” and you want only the positive to come up!
  3. Practice! Go through the competency-based questions and prepare answers for them. Hone and practice your pitch so you can really sell yourself into the role.
  4. Plan! Make sure you know the location and prepare your journey ahead of time. Always try and be there 10-15 mins before your interview slot. If you’re late, that sends the wrong impression. Equally, don’t turn up super early as that can make it awkward for the company – especially if they have multiple interviews that day!
  5. Make an impression! Often, this is the first time you’ve met your potential employer, so first impressions count. Dress professionally for your interview and have positive body language and a polite manner with everyone you meet – remember, they may all provide feedback to the hiring manager.
  6. Be yourself! Not so much so that you’re the “relaxed with friends” version but be true to who you are – this also helps you see if you’re the right culture fit for one another.
  7. Closing! At the end of the interview, make sure you ask your own pre-prepared questions – this will help you understand the opportunity and employer more, and show your enthusiasm for the role. Before you leave, thank everyone for their time.

After your interview, remember to call your recruiter to let them know how it went. This makes a big difference to the interview process and helps speed up the interview feedback from the company.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to find success in your next interview!

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