Top Tips: 14 Ways To Improve Your Video Interview Success

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Posted 2 years ago

​Congratulations! You’ve made it to the video interview stage!

For some of you, this may be the final stage of your interview, particularly if this role is remote. For others, it might be the first time speaking to the company.

Whatever the case, remember, the company has chosen to interview you for this opportunity, so they see your potential!

Your goal now is to market yourself to the prospective employer and show you are the right person for the job.

Here are our top tips for making sure you ace that video interview:

  1. Do your research – thoroughly read the spec and your CV again. Make sure you can pitch why you are so great for this role. Don’t forget to check out the company pages too – show you understand their brand more than just their corporate tagline.
  2. Filter that social media – make sure your settings are set to private and there is nothing too unprofessional that can be filtered back to your potential employer.
  3. Practice, practice, practice! Prepare for those competency-based questions, and make sure you have solid, concise answers, that you are confident in giving.
  4. Prepare questions – think about what you can ask them at the end.
  5. Have a decent internet connection – of at least 1mbps – and test it the day before. You don’t want a pixelated or lagging video that keeps cutting out!
  6. Ensure your microphone is clear – it’s best to use a separate headset if possible.
  7. Remember you’re on camera – so dress appropriately, as though you’re attending a face-to-face interview.
  8. Set up your interview space – a clear private area, with good lighting (natural if possible) free from distractions or mess – if you haven’t a tidy room, select the background blur when you’re in the video call!
  9. Sharing your screen? Make sure there are no tabs/bookmarks/documents you don’t want a potential employer to see!
  10. Before the interview – check your computer to make sure nothing is downloading in the background (such as those memory-draining system updates!).
  11. Be 5-10 mins early – this will make sure you are ready to go, unflustered, and allows time to sort out any technical issues if they arise.
  12. During the interview – let the interviewer know if there is anything wrong (difficulties with sound, etc.) – this shows you’re not afraid to speak up if there is an issue.
  13. Convey positive body language. Remember to smile and look at the webcam often to try and show eye contact, and ensure you have the webcam facing you and at the right angle.
  14. Remain upbeat and positive – and remember, if things go wrong, don’t get flustered! We’re all human so just keep your cool, mute your mic/pause video to sort out the issue (such as unwanted visitors!), apologise, and move on – they’ll understand!

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to find success in your next video interview!

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