Top Tips: 10 Ways To Improve Your Telephone Interview Success

CV Writing Top Tips! (6)
Posted 2 years ago

​Even pre-covid, most first-stage interviews take place over the phone.

These can prove tricky to get right, with only your voice to rely on.

But remember, the client has chosen you for this interview and sees your potential!

Here are our top tips for acing that phone interview:

  1. Set yourself up with a quiet space so you can speak freely, with a good phone signal, and pen & paper to hand.
  2. Read through your CV – make sure you prepare for questions that might be asked and remember, remain positive about previous roles/employers. Make sure you have a copy of this to hand.
  3. Read through the job spec – highlight where you can excel in that role; this is a chance to pitch yourself!
  4. Do your research – this shows you have a keen interest in the company and want to join the organisation.
  5. Review your social media – make sure you have a positive presence online (they may look you up!).
  6. Practice answering competency-based questions concisely.
  7. Prepare any questions that you’d like to ask them at the end.
  8. Be ready 5 mins before your interview is scheduled – take the time to get in the right headspace.
  9. On the interview, speak clearly and not too fast – ensure you sound professional and positive throughout the call.
  10. Speak up if you cannot hear the interviewer or there are any technical issues – it’s best to pause the interview and resolve than to mishear information.

Remember to contact your recruiter after the interview, to let them know how you got on; it gives you an opportunity to reflect, and talk through the next steps.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be sure to find success in your next telephone interview!

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