The IT Revolution: The Rise of the Cloud and Reshaping of IT Roles

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Gone are the days of dial-up internet and the screech of the modem connecting (if you know, you know!).

The IT landscape of the 90s was full of physical servers, thick cables and technicians handling screwdrivers more than keyboards.

IT was all about provisioning: the customer needed something, and the IT teams got stuck in, physically installing hardware, configuring software, and then handing systems over to the customer.

Fast forward to today, and the IT landscape is shaped more like a virtual metropolis than a server room. And the main reason for this change? The rise of cloud-based systems. Now, anyone with an internet connection can sign up for powerful applications and services – all with minimal effort. A stark contrast to the old systems which needed lengthy installations and complex configurations.

This change from hardware technicians to cloud consultants has had a major impact on the way we approach IT. The emphasis now isn’t on installing technology, but utilising it. For those in IT, it’s all about the knowledge they possess and how they can transfer it.

Empowering Users, not Just Installing Equipment

A recent study by Gartner: [full article here] predicts that by 2025, 80% of new enterprise workloads will run in the cloud. This means that organisations will be investing less in physical infrastructure and more in cloud-based solutions. In turn, the focus of IT departments has shifted from the provision of hardware, to training users on how to use these readily available tools and systems.

Evolving Job Roles for a New Era

This change of focus has had a ripple effect on IT job roles. Whilst the need for hardware engineers hasn’t completely disappeared, the demand for cloud architects, software engineers, and training specialists is on the rise. These professionals are integral to allowing smooth cloud migrations, developing custom applications and bridging that knowledge gap between users and technology.

This shift has altered other IT positions too – IT Technicians are now enablers and advisors. They have a role to play in empowering users to work smarter, not harder, by unlocking the full potential of the cloud-based tools they’re using. And the skills needed to do this extend from not only having technical expertise but to communication skills, a deep understanding of the business needs, and the ability to translate these concepts into user-friendly solutions.

The Takeaway: Embrace the Cloud

The IT landscape has undergone a radical transformation. As technology continues to evolve, IT professionals need to embrace the cloud and take the time to train and learn the latest technologies. By having these skills to utilise cloud-based tools effectively, you’ll have a stronger position within the job market.

Those powerful software applications, or seamless online services are no longer just about the technology, but how you can empower your users. That’s what businesses will be looking for in the future.

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