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Posted 1 month ago

Unless you’ve been in hibernation, you’ve probably caught wind of the newest local event to hit the Digital Marketing realm – South Coast Digital Marketing, or SC Digital Marketing for short!

Launched by Louise Helyer, a Senior Talent Partner at Mexa Solutions, SC Digital Marketing emerged from the vibrant spirit of events like Brighton SEO. Louise, realising the absence of a local, South Coast-based regular event, decided to fill the gap with SC Digital Marketing. And we had to get on board, becoming a main sponsor for these events.

Louise Helyer – Founder of SC Digital Marketing

Using her contacts in the Digital Marketing industry, Louise put together the very first SC Digital Marketing event. The launch night took place on Tuesday 14th November, at the Solent Hotel in Whiteley, and it was an absolute hit!

Over 50 marketing professionals from across the South Coast (and some even further afield) attended.

Founder, Louise Helyer, with speakers Jade Arnell and Chris Pitt

Jade Arnell, from Rebellion Marketing, spoke about AI in action, unravelling the potential of ChatGPT in SEO content strategies. Meanwhile, Chris Pitt from Vertical Leap navigated the audience through the 5 most important digital marketing activities for success in his talk. The night sparked insightful debates around the applications of AI and the elusive target audience of TikTok.

As well as the opportunity to hear from some brilliant speakers, there was also a free curry and beer provided and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

The curry and beer on offer to all attendees!

Witness the Magic: Check out the Video here!

As well as ourselves (Mexa Solutions) Vertical Leap and Whitepress also sponsored this launch event – this support made the meetup possible. The success cemented SC Digital Marketing’s status as a recurring event!

For the next meeting of SC Digital Marketing, they were fortunate to have Lily Thomas from Future Fit, who talked about the power of unified channels in search, and Emily Walton from Pi Datametrics, who spoke about the journey into the SERP and beyond.

The second event of SC Digital Marketing takes place!

The second gathering on Thursday 18th January at the Solent Hotel, Whiteley, drew over 40 participants. Rebellion Marketing and boxChilli sponsored this event alongside Mexa Solutions – without them, this event couldn’t have taken place!

Besides the usual dose of inspirational talks and networking, a new feature was introduced – the panel debate! Hosted by Jade Arnell from Rebellion and Lee Bradshaw from boxChilli, the debate delved into the clash of Personal Brand vs Business Brand. Diverse opinions sparked profound discussions, and the hosts skillfully navigated all the different viewpoints.

Chris and Jade hosting the first panel debate.

Relive the Experience: Watch our Video here!

So, consider this your sneak peek into the vibrant world of South Coast Digital Marketing. The next event is just around the corner—Thursday, March 14th, at the Solent Hotel in Whiteley, starting at 6:30 pm.

And guess what?

There’s still room for you!

Secure your spot for FREE by registering on the Meetup page. This will be an evening of digital marketing brilliance and a chance to meet other like-minded professionals – don’t forget about the free drink too…

We will be back once again, sponsoring the event – we hope to see you there!

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