Loyalty Doesn’t Mean Lower Pay: How to Get Paid What You’re Worth

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Loyalty to a company you love shouldn’t mean sacrificing your earning potential.

At Mexa Solutions, we understand that feeling valued goes beyond just a figure on your pay slip. But let’s face it, keeping your salary competitive is crucial for career satisfaction and financial security.

So, how can you stay loyal to your current company while ensuring your salary reflects your market worth?

Here are some key strategies:

1. Be Aware of Market Rates

Knowledge is power! Regularly check industry salary benchmarks (like our most recent guides) to understand the earning potential for your position, experience level, and location. This awareness allows you to gauge your value and build a strong case for a raise or promotion.

2. Upskill and Stay Relevant

The tech industry is constantly evolving. Investing in your professional development through certifications, exams relevant to your field, and continuing education courses demonstrates your dedication to growth and keeps your skillset sharp. This makes you a valuable asset to your organisation and strengthens your bargaining power when discussing salary increases.

3. Embrace Continuous Learning

Don’t underestimate the power of continuous learning. Whether it’s attending industry conferences, online workshops, or participating in internal training programs, staying ahead of the curve showcases your commitment to your field. In turn, this upskilling yields better results for the company and strengthens your position when salary conversations arise.

4. Leverage Internal Support

Most organisations believe in fostering a culture of growth. In some, this can be in the form of a career map, a mentor or regular discussions with your manager on how to progress up the ladder. Having a personalised roadmap will give you a career trajectory that aligns with your goals and the company’s needs. It will also help identify opportunities within the organisation that can lead to promotions and higher salaries.

5. Network and Share Knowledge

Don’t underestimate the value of community work and user groups. Participating in these allows you to connect with industry peers, exchange valuable insights, and potentially discover new skills or opportunities. Bringing back these findings to your company demonstrates initiative and keeps the company at the forefront of industry trends.

Remember, loyalty and fair compensation go hand-in-hand. Getting paid what you’re worth always begins with a conversation. Schedule a meeting with your manager or HR representative and come prepared to present your case. Highlight your achievements, the certifications you’ve earned, and the skills you’ve developed through continuous learning. And use salary guides to showcase the average compensation for your role, experience level, and location.

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As specialist IT recruiters, we always encourage people to have these discussions with their current employer first. But sometimes these conversations don’t go as planned. If you’ve exhausted all options and feel undervalued, we’re here to support you with your job search. We’re experienced placing talented individuals in their dream roles, and we’d love to help you find a company that recognises your worth. Head over to our website to see our latest jobs, or get in contact with one of our consultants using the details below:

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