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Zoe Caplan-Williams

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Zoe Caplan-Williams

Team Leader

A bit about Zoe

I love my job and have over 10 years experience in Recruitment, focusing on most recently Data and technology and before that financial services. I find the use of Data and Analytics within organisations very interesting.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling abroad and in the UK in my touring caravan. I do my best to get away as many times as I can, I prefer visiting new destinations each time.

Before my daughter came along a couple of years ago I was a regular snowboarder in the winter months and I am looking forward to hitting the slopes again as soon as she is old enough.

Most my time is currently being taken up exploring the outdoors with my family and visiting farms and country parks.

And a fun fact?

Polar bears could eat as many as 86 penguins in one sitting….

I have met the queen! (when I was 6!)