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Ernesto Salvia

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Ernesto Salvia


A bit about Ernesto..

I started my recruitment career in 2015. In that time I’ve amassed a proven track record of success within the Healthcare, Engineering, Renewable Energy (Internationally) and now in the Software space.

Since joining Mexa I have thrown myself in to the IT / Software industry, currently reading my way through ‘The Full Stack Recruiter’ and 'The Software Craftsman' to truly understand the inner workings of working with software developers.


Outside of work you will find me out hiking with my German Shepherd dog, frequenting a nice country pub, or taking on a new DIY project.

And a fun fact?

Before recruitment, I thought I’d be a rockstar through my guitar playing. Safe to say this didn’t materialise and resulted in me being on an episode of Channel 4’s Bodyshockers!