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over 1 year ago by Mexa Solutions

Christmas Festivities 2021

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​Despite more restrictions looming, we made an effort to make the office at Mexa as festive as possible!

We had a range of activities planned, the first of which was Christmas desk decorating – won by Jan Villaruel (number 4).

We also had a number of Christmas-themed quizzes, cakes, and treats over the days leading up to the holidays.

But the biggest excitement was the daily advent calendar. Someone was picked each day (often the winner of the office challenge for the day) and got the opportunity to select from the calendar.

The prizes ranged from gift vouchers, sweet treats up to bottles of beer and champagne!

We also embraced Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day - a range of festive jumpers as wonderfully styled by the Mexa team.​

Our December ended up one of the busiest we've seen, but we were still able to make it a fun and festive time in the office - ready for our team to enjoy a well deserved break!