Back In The Office!

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Posted 2 years ago

As people start to move back into the office environment, whether full-time or in a hybrid model of working, we wanted to give you a glimpse into what our offices are like.

​We’ve been here now for over 3 years and have been working hard to transform it from a “generic” office space to a unique, comfortable workplace. It’s great to see the vision of our directors come to life, from the large pallet wood wall, through to the brickwork kitchen with communal bench seating.​

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True to our logo, our office is dotted with colourful artworks depicting our hometown and the places we’ve been as a company, including Amsterdam and Prague.​

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Our boardroom has views out to the beautiful, wooded areas surrounding our offices; great for a lunchtime walk or after-work run.​

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The office certainly has an element of fun, and we love to reward our staff. We have a spinning wheel where we give our staff a chance to win from a range of prizes and have some tipple for the big achievements.​

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As well as giving prizes, we give our staff the opportunity to expand their knowledge and enhance their career, with our mini library. With staff recommendations, we continually revitalise this collection, as well as supplementing with relevant e-books and podcasts.

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At Mexa Solutions, we continue to grow, with opportunities for experienced recruiters, or those looking to change industry. If you’re keen to learn more, or want to come and see these offices in person, then do get in touch. Give us a call today on 07825 408332 or email us at

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