5 Ways To Take Pride In Your Workplace

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Posted 2 years ago

​Being an inclusive workplace is key to creating a world that allows the LGBTQ+ community to be their whole selves.

All employees should feel welcome, respected, and represented at work. Inclusion improves the outcomes for individuals as well as companies/organisations. When people are free to be themselves, everybody benefits.

Here are 5 ways that your workplace can ensure LGBTQ+ inclusivity:

  • Adopt policies for LGBTQ+ inclusion. This should be a core part of your Equality and Diversity policy and shows your commitment to tackling discrimination in this area.
  • List your pronouns. Add them to email signatures and social media platforms. Clearly stating pronouns is a way to normalise not assuming someone’s gender, and can help those in the trans & non-binary community feel more comfortable stating theirs.
  • Incorporate gender-neutral language. This avoids bias towards a particular gender and is particularly good in company documentation/contracts (using ‘they’ instead of ‘he/she’).
  • Celebrate LGBTQ+ history and events. This helps boost awareness inside and outside of the workplace. These events can be used as learning opportunities for staff as well as a time for celebration.
  • Give to LGBTQ+ charities/organisations. When undertaking fundraising throughout the year, look at what LGBTQ+ charities you can support. In Pride month you can run different events to help raise money too, such as bake-off’s or physical challenges.

(sources: https://www.stonewall.org.uk/takepride/take-pride-your-workplace & https://www.myhrtoolkit.com/blog/lgbt-inclusion-in-the-workplace)

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